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How to Move Your Children to Mexico-Part II

Be Picky about School School is the next step. Take your time with this, as there are all sorts of school options in Mexico from which to choose. Public, private, international – your location and budget may determine which is the best fit for your children. International Schools International schools cater to families who have […]

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How to Move Your Children to Mexico-Part I

You’ve decided to move to Mexico – congratulations! We can’t wait to welcome you here. This is a big decision, and if you’re bringing your child, it’s monumental. Like you, your child will be exposed to a new culture, language, perspective and network of people that will be life-changing. Below are a few tips to […]

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The Flavors of Mexico; Zapotec Cuisine

Abigail Mendoza, the famous cook of the zapotec She is going to receive you with a smile, like it or not. She and her sisters serve at Tlamanalli, a small zapotec restaurant- kitchen in Teotitlán del Valle, 35 km of Oaxaca. Her kitchen is gorgeous, a powerhouse of images that encapsulate the reading of which […]

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Mexico, The World’s Eighth Most Popular Tourist Destination

  Last year’s 35 million visitors made Mexico the world’s eighth most popular destination. Mexico has edged out Turkey to become the world’s eighth most popular tourist destination, according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Mexico moved up from ninth place in the organization’s World Tourism Barometer after it received 35 million visitors last year, […]

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New rules encourage small solar systems

Earlier this year Mexico’s Energy Secretariat (Sener) presented new guidelines for the interconnection of small solar systems, known as distributed energy sources, to the national electricity grid. The revised regulations are designed to boost rooftop installations by making it easier and more attractive for residential and commercial consumers to invest in solar energy. The new […]

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5 Reasons to Become an Expat in Mexico

       Since our move from Canada to Huatulco Mexico, we wake up everyday grateful to be expats. We love our home country, but find solace in having traded a go-go-go mentality and brutally cold winters for mañana time and 340 days of sunshine!  Our Mexican paradise is cozy and friendly, laid back and […]

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New International Flights to Mexico in 2017

The Mexico Tourism Board announced the last January 30th that Mexico’s global air connectivity continues to grow at a record pace, with airlines around the world adding new routes, additional flights on existing routes, and upgrading to the latest aircraft models with larger capacities in order to meet the impressive demand for travel to Mexico.  […]

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