About Us

OwnMexico.org is operated by experienced enthusiasts who believe the Mexico lifestyle is a dream worth making a reality. Just like you, we started with 1 vacation, and we quickly became regulars, returning each year, then multiple times per year, and eventually we bought a place in the beautiful Oaxaca coast of Mexico, our favorite vacation destination.

We believe that in order to OWN MEXICO, it is critical to understand the country, the attractions, the risks, the rewards, and the process to making Mexico your international lifestyle, or retirement destination.

We are dedicated to discovering and presenting our findings, so you can find the very best, most fun attractions and activities you and your family are interested in. We are dedicated to an open representation of the area, the people, proprietors, attractions and events so that you can choose your perfect Mexico vacation, investment or retirement home.

At this point I would like to introduce ourselves. My name is Brent May and I am the Founder and  General Manager Own Mexico. My wife Erin is the Manager of Mexico Vacation Rental Properties. We both grew up in the great province of Saskatchewan, Canada before migrating to Alberta in 2001. After owning and operating businesses we decided to move south and leave the rat race behind. Erin left a 10 year career with EPCOR Energy where she was in a management position. We also own and continue to manage several of our own properties in Western Canada. We are both in love with the Oaxaca coast of Mexico.  It’s beautiful beaches, consistent heat, fishing, surfing and clear skies make it the perfect home for us. We are both extremely excited about where we live and look forward to meeting you and showing you why.


Brent & Erin May

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