How To Ensure You Receive Your Mail When In Mexico

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If you’re an expat with “mail ties” in your country of origin or if you do extended business in Mexico, consider forwarding mail via a professional remailing service provider. It’s reliable, affordable and super easy to set up online.

Many expats rely on trusted family members, friends and neighbors back home to filter their mail and forward important documents to them here in Mexico. This is hard to sustain — for them, for you and for everyone’s wallet. It takes time and a lot of patience on the part of your loved ones to go through your bank statements, business documents, mortgage bills, insurance documents and favourite magazines to determine what to send your way. There’s also the question of “will you get it on time,” since somethings are time-sensitive. But not to worry — you have another option with remailing services.

What are Remailing Services?

Remailing services are designed to collect and ship your letters and packages to your location anywhere around the world. Typically, the allow you to:

● Create a mailing address in your country of origin where everyday mail, certified/registered mail and packages can be collected.

● Filter your mail online and ask for unimportant ads, newsletters and newspapers to be tossed.

● Combe smaller packages into one large box to be shipped to your Mexico-based address.

● Track your shipments from door to door.

● Deposit checks into a banking account.

● Fax documents for free.

While services and costs may vary among providers, shipping fees are typically under $20 USD per month — far less that what you’d pay for Aramex, DHL, FedEx and UPS.

A Tried-and-True Mail Forwarding Company

One of our favourite mail forwarding companies is Mailbox Forwarding. It’s an expat-recommended service based in the United States. Mailbox Forwarding offers online access to mail, secure mail scanning, mail forwarding from anywhere, shredding/recycling services, easy check deposit and more.

Mexico’s National Postal Service

For those of you who are wondering about receiving mail the old fashioned way, the national postal service known as Correos de Mexico is still an option. It’s inexpensive and takes about 10 business days to receive shipments from Canada and the United States. It’ll take a little longer if shipments are coming from elsewhere in the world.

We caution you, though, that post office employees aren’t always trustworthy, as some people have yet to receive their mail and packages. You can also use Correos de Mexico to send mail to international destinations. Just assume that anything you send will need to be inspected, so wait to seal your packages until any inspections are completed. For faster service, consider using Aramex, DHL, FedEx or UPS.

If you have questions about remailing services and shipping/receiving mail — or expat life in general — contact us today. We’re here to help you get the information you need to live as fully and as informed as possible in sunny Mexico.

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