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moving to mexico

Investing, Retiring & Living in Mexico

Mexico has long been a popular vacation destination for North Americans.  However, today, it is becoming a desirable place to vacation, retire and invest. Traveling, retiring and moving to Mexico gives you the opportunity to create a whole new life for yourself, build new relationships and immerse yourself in a new culture.

We Want to Help You

When we made the decision on moving to Mexico we were extremely fortunate to have received helpful tips and information from other expats and neighbors who had gone through the same process. We now want to return the favour and help others with this process.

Introducing our ‘How To’ Guide

Our new ‘How To’ section will provide you with a complete guide on how to buy, move to, invest, retire and live in Mexico. From driving to Mexico to obtaining the proper Visa, we will be providing information that we hope will be helpful to you. And the information doesn’t just stop after the purchase has been made. We will continue to provide you with everything you’ll need, from helpful driving tips to how to get your Visa.


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Huatulco (Wa-Tool-Co) – Why we live Where We Do In Mexico- Roadmap

A detailed list why we chose Huatulco to live in: Research & Due Diligence, lifestyle, environment, investment and  infrastructure. 

how to iconHow To Buy Property in Mexico

A quick guide on how to buy in Mexico

how to iconHow We Started

We began our investment vacation property journey like most people. We started vacationing, and realized that certain regions were more attractive than others. When we started to return to our favourite locations, we naturally started to think about buying (or at least on how to reduce our expense of our vacations). We even started to think about how we could make money from our vacation home. We will now share with you our story of how we became to own property in Puerto Angel, Oaxaca and our journey on moving to Mexico.

how to iconHow You Can Start 

The first step to Owning Mexico is to know you want it. I assume you’re here because you think you want it… And that’s good too, because we’re here:

  1. To help you KNOW if you want to buy property in Mexico. You’ll know when you’re informed, and experienced.
  2. To help you TAKE ACTION, once you’re certain and ready to go.

how to iconHow To Get Here  

A complete guide to flight details and more…

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How To Obtain Your Visa

Want to live in Mexico longer than 6 months?  Check out our article and find out how easy it is to obtain your Tourist Visa.

how to iconHow To Drive to Mexico – Departure Checklist

Check out our post-departure checklist to ensure a smooth drive to Mexico.

how to iconHow To Drive to Mexico – Our Travel Logs

Check out our travel roadmaps from Canada to Puerto Angel, Oaxaca, Mexico:

#1 – West Coast Route

#2 – Central East Route

how to iconHow To Insure Yourself & Rest Easy

Information on travel, vehicle and home insurance for your trip, investment or retirement in Mexico.

how to iconHow To Stay Connected in Mexico

Keep in touch with friends and family back home while retiring, living and vacationing in Mexico.

how to iconHow To Relocate to Mexico

A quick guide on tips for moving to Mexico.

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Moving to Mexico – Our Story 3 Years In 

In 2011 my husband and I made the decision to quit the rat race in Calgary, Alberta and move to the Oaxaca coast of Mexico.  We had been looking for a life change for quite some time. 

how to iconHow To Invest in Mexico

The top 3 Opportunities for Investing in Mexico.

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How To Live in Mexico – Basic Things Everyone Should Know

Mexico is seeing plenty of economic interest in the recent years and offers great retirement opportunities to those who are willing to relocate and a good quality of life for those willing to move away from Mexico City.

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Our Story – 4 Years In

It seems like only yesterday we were pondering life and wondering what our next steps were going to be.  We were looking for something new and for a way to improve our quality of life…

how to iconHow To Take Your Pet To Mexico

Follow these steps to ensure that your furry friend has a seamless and safe journey to Mexico.

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How To Live in Mexico – An Essential Guide

Home… the expression symbolizes comfort and security for man. When choosing how to live in Mexico, most cases involve an acquisition of land.  This can produce stress and concern for some. Processes in looking for titles and transferring land are similar to other neighboring Countries and States. The purchaser of a home, lot or condominium in Mexico should pose similar questions, and ought to get responses like those received while purchasing land somewhere else. Here are two rules on how to live in Mexico without problems.

how to iconHow To Start a Business in Mexico

Our top 10 tips on starting your Mexico business.

how to iconHow-To Tips For Your Big Move To Mexico

Now that you’ve made up your mind to become an expatriate in paradise, you may wonder what it takes to make the big move. Here are our 6 favorite how-to tips to prepare for your big move to Mexico.

how to iconHow To Jump Into Charity Work in Mexico

Countless travelers are drawn to the beauty, weather, hospitality, and culture of Mexico. But while they’re here, they are often shocked by the great need that lies just beyond the pristine resorts and gringo suburbs. From children’s homes to senior care centers, and from addiction support groups to teaching English, there are a wealth of charities and nonprofit organizations in Mexico that welcome helping hands.

how to icon10 ‘How To’ Secrets of Successful Expats in Mexico

You’re now an expat living in Mexico? We are delighted to have you join our thriving “expats in Mexico” community. To help you make the most of this whirlwind adventure, we are sharing our own Secrets of Successful Expats in Mexico!

how to iconHow To Find High Quality Care in Mexico

It’s easy to think of all the wonderful times you’ll experience as an expat in Mexico. But what would you do if “wonderful” turned into a “get medical care in Mexico” emergency? Where would you go? What would you do? How would you pay?

how to icon7 Sizzling ‘How To Learn Spanish’ Tips

Do you dream of hanging out with the locals, letting one of the world’s most eloquent (and popular) romance languages roll off your tongue? If so, now’s the time to hit the books and let those “r’s” roll!It’s time to learn Spanish. Picking up a new language is both exciting and challenging. Maximize your study in minimum time with our 7 Sizzlin’ “How To Learn Spanish” Tips!

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How To Throw a Traditional Mexican Birthday Party

If you are invited to a traditional Mexican birthday party, consider it an honor. As a guest, you’ll be treated like royalty. But if you want to do the same for your friends and family, treat them like the kings and queens they are with a traditional Mexican birthday party. Check out these great ways to get the party started:

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How To Get More Bang for Your Buck with Huatulco Real Estate

You work hard for your money, and we want you to keep as much of it as possible. That’s why we’re gathering 6 how-to tips to help you get more “bang for your buck” with Huatulco real estate.

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How To Barter Like a Professional in Mexico

Mexico has all sorts of nooks and crannies that provide “shop till you drop” adventures. Neighborhood boutiques, open-air markets, art galleries, stall-filled plazas and high end malls—you’ll find one-of-a-kind items to brighten your home or office and delight friends and family.  But while you’re shopping to your heart’s content, you may notice something a little different about your experience: bartering.
your buck” with Huatulco real estate.

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How To Eat Like a Local in Huatulco Mexico

Now’s your chance to eat like a local, to enjoy Mexican recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, and many from indigenous cultures such as the Maya and Aztecs. Here in Oaxaca, specifically Huatulco Mexico, you’ll find plentiful seafood, unique sauces and one-of-a-kind spices, each served up with love (and often a slice of family history).

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How To Find Romance in Mexico

Whether you’re looking for a casual fling, a travel companion or a serious relationship, we here at OwnMexico.org will show you how to find romance in Mexico!

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How To Earn Revenue in Mexico

You love Mexico, and you want to stay. We get it. (That’s why we’re here in Huatulco Mexico.) But if you’re lacking that million-dollar trust fund or generous retirement pension, then chances are you’ll need to find a way to earn revenue in Mexico.

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How To Move to Mexico with Kids

Whether it is a temporary job project or a continuing lifestyle transformation, moving to Mexico with your family can be worthwhile for all of you. Nevertheless, it does take added preparation to take the kids’ desires into consideration. Here are a few tips that can make the distinction between a excellent move and a bad one.

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How To Save Money: Developers vs Real Estate Agents in Mexico

So, you’ve decided to purchase property in Mexico. As agents, we know what it’ll take to make your dream a reality. That is why we’ve chosen to discuss a hot topic for new real estate adventurers: to go with a developer for an upcoming purchase or to use real estate agents in Mexico.

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How To Get Through the Airport Quicker

Getting from the check in line to your destination doesn’t have to be a bad experience. Check our 10 steps to breezing through the airport and arriving to your tropical destination ready for a wonderful time. 

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How To Swim in the Ocean

The ocean offers many challenges and can be down-right intimidating.  With these ‘How To Swim in the Ocean’ safety tips you can learn how to swim in the ocean safely so you can enjoy all the amazing things it has to offer.

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How To Protect Your Investment with Property Management

Congratulations on purchasing your vacation home in paradise! Now that you are a vacation home owner you may be interested in earning some rental revenue for your property. If you are looking to protect your investment and are not looking for a second job, then hiring a property manager may be a good decision for you.

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How To Furnish Your Mexico Dream Property

You did it – you purchased your Mexico dream property. Congratulations! We know that you’ll have a lot of fun discovering the nuances of your new casa (house). While you’re settling in, it’s common to wonder about home furnishing, wondering what you’ll need and where to get the items that turn your house into a home. Let us help!

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Our Move to Mexico – 6 Years Later

It’s hard to believe that 6 years ago we packed up our lives in Canada after making the decision to move and start our real estate business in Mexico. I can’t say it was an easy decision for me. I’m not a risky person. However, my husband the risk-taker challenged me to take a leap of faith. Boy am I glad I took that challenge. 


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How to Move Your Children to Mexico – Part I

A few tips to help you move your children to Mexico and prepare them for emotional, social and academic success as expats in Mexico. Part I is about newborns and toddlers, school age children and teens.


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How to Move Your Children to Mexico – Part II 

The second part relax and enjoy it will take about one year to truly settle in, so enjoy every day, birthday holiday and season as it comes. You’re in this together, and the memories made during this time will last a lifetime. Enjoy all of the wonders and sensations of your new country.

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How to Make Money Teaching English in Mexico 

If you’re planning to move to Mexico, have I got good news for you! You have a skill that is in high demand and makes it easy for you to earn money once you’re here – Your ability to speak, read and write English!

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